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Diddy Told Joe Budden He Will Handle Eminem, Who Tied Puff to 2Pac’s Death

The big sidebar to Eminem’s “Killshot’ diss of Machine Gun Kelly was Shady’s bars about Diddy. While Em made it clear in the track’s outro he was joking, he did lyrically tie Puff to the death of 2Pac.

After the track came out, Jay Electronica threated to expose Eminem over those bars — but then quickly deleted that tweet before leaving social media altogether.

Diddy has been silent publicly over “Killshot”. But he did have a private conversation with Joe Budden, which Joe recounted on his podcast.

Budden decided not to add his own thoughts on what Diddy meant because it’s too big of a subject.

How do you think Diddy’s going to handle it?

Article from Hiphop Lately