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Ebro made Kodak Black GUILTY for a crime before his Court Date

Yesterday, Ebro did some sucker shit according to the many industry artist such as the Miami Homie Trick Daddy. feels that Ebro handle the situation unfairly to Kodak Black.  Look what Trick Daddy stated below:

“Let me tell you radio niggas something,” Trick Daddy began. “Y’all getting out of line. Ebro, you disrespected the homie. You tried a young nigga, Kodak my little young nigga, nigga. If nobody gonna step up I’m gonna step up, nigga… You’re supposed to be a older nigga. You’re supposed to be a nigga that leads these niggas not into temptation. You’re supposed to get these niggas and put them under your wing and teach them right from wrong. But your bitch ass, you trying to be a fake ass Charlamagne. There’s only one Charlamagne Tha God pussy.”

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