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Joe Budden Faked Break-Up With Cyn Santana For Love And Hip-Hop?

All of these people are natural manipulators. I understand it! I used to do this too, in my minuscule way. I believe it to be addicting! So, you can believe I don’t know the level that some of these rappers or puppet masters are on. I am no suggesting that we are puppets but I do feel like I am hanging on a string from time to time.

Joe Budden recently did a live and it seemed like he really did make a major slip up. I believe he revealed that his sudden break up with fiancee Cyn Santana was all for the show “Love And Hip-Hop” as orchestrated by Mona Scott. Remember Mona? She’s been in the game for a long time and only gets better looking somehow. But she’s also getting better as a TV maven!

Now, I knew there was a reason why Joe didn’t get so mad when Papoose jabbed him about marriage. Joe knew all along that he was still getting married! Right? Doesn’t it make sense now? Still there are reports that state that Cyn doesn’t want to get married anymore. I don’t believe it.