Streets Are Talking

Murda Mook recently arrested….

John Ancrum aka Murda Mook is considered by many the pioneer of Battle Rap. Mook have started filming his freestyles battles in the streets of NYC in the beginning of the DVD magazine craze in the early 2000’s. Mook was always ready to battle anyone on site without notice walking around with S.M.A.C.K making a name for himself and pioneering a new industry.

Mook have not been on the Rap Battle  scene for while, have been enjoying his new podcast series on YouTube “Easily Offended” with 2 other host. However recently Hiphop Unlocked staff found out that he has an open Domestic Violence case and was charged with Strangulation in the 2nd Degree on Feb 20th 2018.  HipHop Unlocked obtained court papers go to “Got Dat Paperwork” and click and download the PDF.